NASA Kiksapa Internship

Last week, I was informed of my acceptance into the NASA Tribal Kiksapa GIS Internship for the Summer of 2017!

I have been vying for this opportunity for the last year and a half. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to intern for a NASA program. I can’t really believe it really happened. All the work, sweat and tears have finally paid off.

The program will be centering on GIS and Geospatial work. **GIS is Geographical Information Systems. A mapping program at its core. I started off last year as someone who was severely technologically handicapped— hahaha. I had to work extremely hard to rise to the occasion. I may have crashed one…or two… or three…computers in my quest but I mastered that stinking program.

My acceptance email came on a Tuesday. The Tuesday that will go down in my baby scrapbook thanks to my doting mother. Just kidding, about the baby book. However, she was probably more excited than I. I may be slightly deaf in one year after that fun phone call. My mom isn’t a science person and isn’t really down on our lingo but she listened as I squealed in excitement over the phone. She lives a state away so it’s our only form of communication. Yes, I know I’m a grown adult with my own children but my mom is the proud mother to a college student, regardless of my age.

Many students in Science don’t realize the potential of having a GIS background. A large amount of available jobs have it as a requirement. Plus, if I must admit, it’s super cool to be able to interpret data. It’s a pretty SWEEET piece of software.

Honestly, I would just like to thank my mentor who has religiously stood by my side and fixed my computers along the way. With only one sigh in exasperation! A herculean task! He’s the real hero.




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N.K. is a Mom, Blogger, and Native American Environmental Scientist living in the State of Kansas. When she’s not in the field collecting samples, she’s ushering her children around the Soccer Field, or has her nose buried in a book. Her passion for the Environment and being a Mom are her greatest attributes.

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