Reminder: It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Week May 1st- May 5th

CELEBRATE teaching staff by participating in one or more of the categories below to say THANK YOU!!!

One thing that my lovely blog followers don’t know about me, is that I LOVE participating in Teacher Appreciation Events. My sister-in-law is a teacher and I have countless friends that happily immerse themselves into the teaching world. My kids are better for their involvement and it really is a thankless job. I miss my stay at home mom days when I was able to volunteer weekly and make friends of my children’s friends. I was the “cool” mom, if there is such a thing. HaHaHaHa!

Since I can’t make the added hurdle of room mom, I make sure I participate in this entire week. Below is a list of a couple things you can do to celebrate the wonderful men and women that are so vital to your children and their childhood. Do one or do them all either way the teacher’s will be so excited that you are getting involved. You never know what they are going through and having a special week catered to them can work wonders.

You’ll notice my list isn’t particularly DIY heavy and I honestly can’t keep up with my crafts, so this is a pretty simple list. Perfect for the mom or dad on the go.

Monday: Bring your teacher some of their favorite tasty treats (drinks, candy, snacks)

Tuesday: Bring your teacher their favorite flower. (homemade, potted, stem, painted, folded)

Wednesday: Bring your teacher a card or meaningful note.

Thursday: Bring your teacher a much needed supply for their classroom. It’s approaching the end of the year and supplies will be running low!

Friday: Do a kind deed for your teacher. (In advance or at school)

Also, check out what your school PTO is doing. They always make sure even the least involved classroom support has some sort of recognition. Plus, you’ll be a cool parent to your little’s!



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