Bucket List

One of my favorite things that I have envied from other blogs would be their Bucket Lists. Deeply ambitious ME has quite the Bucket List. However, I would like to note that this isn’t your ordinary Bucket List. I have loving dubbed this My To Do List!

LONG TERM (Share All of this with My Blogging Tribe- YOU!!)

Create a Personal Blog

Develop the Plan for my LittleBull Travel ecoLab (Funding and Construction)

Fully Restore and Preserve Haskell’s Wetland (Half-Way There!!)

Finish my Research on Hydrological Remediation AKA Clean up a Contaminated River

Graduate With Bachelor of Science Degree

— Official Earth Doctor Status —

Family Research Bison Farm

Start My Environmental Consulting Firm

Broker the Partnership for My Environmental Analysis Research Lab with a Tribal University


Crush Spring Soccer Team Mom Duties

Plan Family Summer Vacation 2017

Apply & Intern for the 2017 NASA Summer Internship

Become PTO President

Finish Building and Professionalizing the Haskell ecoAmbassador Organization

Become Chairwoman for W. Elementary Parent Committee

Burn Some Prairie- Controlled Burning Certified

Become FEMA Disaster Certified- Wildfire, Flood, & Tornado

Restore at least 5 Acres of Prairie

Create a new Monarch Habitat on that Restored Prairie

Catalogue the Cute Critters Inhabiting my Beloved Wetland